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Here we go again. Another stupid fan story.

We already saw a couple of fans who set bold predictions for the Super Bowl, the World Series, etc. They would set out to get tattoos celebrating the victory of their favorite teams...before they even won a ring. And, they would have to live with that mistake for the rest of their lives.


Bills fan, Jon Rinaldo, posted this on his Twitter account.

I can understand Jon's unconditional love for the Buffalo Bills's the BUFFALO BILLS! Just in case some of you may not know, the Bills have the longest drought in postseason history in all of North American professional sports.

Is he just plain stupid...or really in love with the Buffalo Bills?

We may never know...but here was my reaction when I saw this.
If anything, not a person can accuse him of being a bandwagoner.
There was this fellow who got a similar tattoo which proudly called the Seahawks champs in 2013 during preseason and it came to pass. I'm not saying this is impossible, just highly unlikely.
The Bills have their own mafia? Man, I learn something new on Vingle every day.
I mean the Bills...really?
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