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YES! Another weekend has come, and it's time to do something a little bit different. I don't know about you all, but I've been feeling a little stuck lately, so this weekend I am going to make it a priority to go out into the world and do some quality living.
I love finding things to shake up my life, and when I'm not in a constant state of motion I get anxious. Here are 5 things you can try this weekend to make it a truly spectacular one!

1. Take a day trip.

I've been looking at a few coastal towns near San Francisco. All you have to do is pack the car with your purse, and possibly some overnight essentials. I love doing mini-trips. Relief from your usual surroundings is always worth the travel time.
Saturday will be a fun day of driving. Hopefully I'll find a place that feels nice to just hang out in. Find a park, or a beach, sit, read a book. Sounds like a really nice way to spend time.

2. Attend a totally spontaneous event.

Go on your facebook and search "events". Find one that is totally odd and interesting like, "The San Francisco Chocolate Convention" and just get in your car and go. You can do tons of fun things by yourself. Attending events where you can meet people and hang out might be a really great way to make new friends!

3. Binge Watch your favorite show.

Although this isn't something "new", House of Cards comes out this weekend, and I know that I'll have to work really hard to pry myself away from it.
Something as simple as giving over to your binge-watching desires can actually boost your mood.

4. Re-arrange your room.

Make your paradise feel like home with a little bit of re-arranging. You'll have to look up some inspiration in our Interior Design community!

5. Volunteer.

The local ASPCA and other animal sanctuaries, hospitals etc...will have weekend volunteer hours. This might be a great way to meet people and feel good about the things you're doing.
Well that's very kind of you @EasternShell
I just realized you wrote it in March. I should have said it was timeless.
I was just telling someone that I was bored. @TessStevens This card is timely. I need to do housework today, but tomorrow I'm on the road.
love the idea about the mini day trips.. good excuse to rent the car.