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Who: Vanessa Hudgens Where: Shopping in West Hollywood Diagnosis: Stevie Nicks, John Lennon and a Victorian widow walk into Vanessa Hudgens’s closet… You’ll have to forgive us for making a joke at a serious time like this. In fact, this could be fatal. The combination of clogs, choker, granny glasses, embroidered sheer gown and fringed moss-colored shawl jacket is the very definition of overkill. Prognosis: Vanessa, no one wants you to give up your boho edge. It wouldn’t be a real Coachella without you. We’re just gently suggesting you go with one element at a time to avoid taking your look from pretty to parody. Put that jacket with a great-fitting pair of jeans and we wouldn’t even blink an eye. One more thing: We’re afraid we’ll have to quarantine those clogs in case they’re contagious. cr:People
she is such an inspiration ✨
@saharjalpari9 yes, we all miss that fresh looking Gabriella from High School musical
@cheerfulcallie lol.. yess.. I also don't know when it started.. maybe after Zac left? ;D
@shoenami no I won't it now her look soo much older and uglier oh gosh what hpnd to her :-/
when did she become a psychic gypsy?
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