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Can I just say this? I mean like wow! Two episodes in and I am IMPRESSED....
I have heard of this anime for a veryyy long time....practically the entire six years I have been into anime and stuff.... I am disappointed that I didn't give this a try the first time I heard about it! I am SUPER into I don't really know why I never watched it (I most likely forgot) But!!! I am currently into really gory and horror anime (a phase really) and I have watched most anime's that have been deemed so. I have watched AOT and the Tokyo Ghoul series uncensored (which like wow 0~0), also Elfen Lied and Mirai Nikki....yeah that's pretty much it (also a movie but I cant remember the name...I know it had demons). So I went to my fellow anime loving peers and asked them about the MOST goriest anime's out there.... (I got A LOT of suggestions btw) but the one that almost everyone suggested was Hellsing Ultimate! Today I had some time and started watching it.....just 0~0 Mmm.....all that blood and stuff....yeah it made me a bit sick just watching it!
The something I didnt think would capture my attention did. Its so beautiful and I really love that they dont like Asianfied.....(yeah....I dont know if that makes sense...) there are some animes out there that make the foreigner still look kind of Asian or something but this style really is well put ( yeah I suck at reviewing) The characters themselves, from what I have seen, are pretty detailed and somewhat realistic (again Idk). They hold themselves really well....even our kind of main character Seras doing well...I dont want to put anything that would spoil it so I will just say that she is really a cool, funny kind of character that is adjusting....we'll leave it at that! Alucard.....damn boy! He is BADASS!! I really almost never like antiheroes....much...but he is doing great! Thumbs up for him! I really love that kind of I could care less attitude he has..... The others (Walter and umm the Hellsing heir which I cant believe I have forgotten her name) are great at supporting the main guys!
The villains so far have been cool.....I really already despise that Father guy umm I forgot his name already (damn you memory!) I could tell its going to be a nice obstacle for our HEROES..... The brothers ummm Luke and Jan?? Were cool as they seemed to have a unique set of powers.....although no match for the Hellsing fighters! We have been kind of introduced to our first boss....maybe a Nazi group?!? Who knows....well until I watch it heh It just had to be a short kind of tubby guy.....damn these cliches things!!!
Well that's it for now.....I will try to upload more of my reviews, what I thought of and any kind of complaints I have of this show! So if there is a particular gory show that you want to recommend please leave it in the comments!! I will TRY my best to watch the first episode of it as soon as possible! And I will write my thoughts on it! ^~^ Also, I was thinking of making this a sort of series (got to get back into the anime community) If you want I could kind of review the anime's I have seen....recently....heh ^~^ Well bye Gummyz!! (Sorry if I tag you and you aren't much interested in anime) @Destiny1419 @RihannaTiaMay @Krin @Christianliu @Kieuseru @Herreravanessa9 @CreeTheOtaku @KellyOConnor @Amberg171997 @TiffanyBibian @Saraortiz2002 @Emealia @MadAndrea @LilySilver @ArmyofKookie @MorganElisabeth @Kpopandkimchi @Sarangseoltang @Karlythepanda66 @Nenegrint14 @mightmuffin @Ercurrent @EWillsea @jojojordy2324 @MelissaGarza @ninjamidori @musicmofo @Eliortiz13 @toitlepark @TracyLynn @MsLoyalHeart @summerblack2 @IsoldaPazo @imiebegay14 @amobigbang
this anime is AWESOME!!! one of my favorite things.
Thanks for sharing this with me. I've been looking for anime to watch. where did you find it?
wahh, I may just get into this one..thanks for the tag
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