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One thing I learned before I had my first drink, was to never open a brew on the streets, as that was a quick way to get locked up.
Today, that fear in NYC is now a thing of the past, as people will no longer be arrested for drinking on the street in the city.
While you may not get locked up for enjoying your favorite imported brew on the streets, there are still consequences to drinking in the public.
The NYPD now have the power to give people court summonses, rather than arresting them on the spot for small offenses, offenders are far more likely to be hit with a fine than ending up in jail. “Being arrested and detained is a far different experience and can be a more negative experience than being issued a summons to appear in court at a future date.”
There are ups and downs to this one. The down part is more people will lose a lot of money over drinking in public. The good part is people can avoid getting locked up over a drink, which will hopefully lead to less volatile moments between both sides.

Do you like the new rule change?

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I think it's pretty reasonable. Unless you're driving or putting someone in danger you shouldn't end up with a criminal record for drinking (I'm sure the city won't mind the extra revenue tbh)