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I grew up with pretty much no one around me being interested in Kpop.

Luckily, people at my high school/university were super chill so I never had to deal with being picked on for my music taste but it was a little lonely I guess.

My friends would get sick of hearing about Kpop and Kdramas and 'music they didn't understand.'

I've met some people at my university who listen to it but we aren't really friends - all we have in common is kpop haha :D

So really, all my kpop/kdrama friends are online (specifically, all my kpop/kdrama friends are on vingle lol)

I know I'm not alone in this!!!

Do you guys have kpop/kdrama friends offline? How did you meet them?

If you only have kpop/kdrama friends online, where did you meet THEM?

no kpop friends at all, I have no one to talk about kpop 😭😭😭 my best friend doesnt like me bringing it up and my other one only likes it a little bit not enough for us to have a conversation, she more of an anime fan. its a hard knock life for me.....
well I have KPOP friends and I love how we all tell each other KPOP news and stuff but some of my friends don't care but who ever don't have KPOP friends don't give up keep encouraging them to really LOVE them! because they r missing lots of awesome and wonderful stuff of KPOP.
Does my mommy count lol
If y'all have no kpop friends, message me and Ill totally be your friend. I like friends and kpop.
Hehe I have 1 friend who got me into kpop but she's not as crazy about it as I am and then another girl that's into the Japanese stuff and k dramas. I tried to get her into kpop but she won't budge lol. then @Tigerlily84 I'm saying is my best friend on here. like she said we met once but we talk every day and I love her! she is just as crazy about Kpop as me!!!
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