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Do You Have K-Ent Friends "In Real Life?"

I grew up with pretty much no one around me being interested in Kpop.

Luckily, people at my high school/university were super chill so I never had to deal with being picked on for my music taste but it was a little lonely I guess.

My friends would get sick of hearing about Kpop and Kdramas and 'music they didn't understand.'

I've met some people at my university who listen to it but we aren't really friends - all we have in common is kpop haha :D

So really, all my kpop/kdrama friends are online (specifically, all my kpop/kdrama friends are on vingle lol)

I know I'm not alone in this!!!

Do you guys have kpop/kdrama friends offline? How did you meet them?

If you only have kpop/kdrama friends online, where did you meet THEM?

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I was the same in high school but I got my friends into Kpop, just not as much as me lol. I also found some Kpop friends in college ^^
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I only have one kpop friend but she transfered schools so I have no one else to listen to kpop or watch kdramas with lol I would like to have more kpop friends online and in my area haha
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No irl Kfriends lol. Not really anyway. My cousin who initially was interested and still likes some kpop songs isn't as interested as I am and my mom is slowly coming around cause she likes Hyuna and Gdragon but that's where her interest ends
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I have my twin sister so that has been great I have also meet others trough friends 馃槃
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umm I haven't met them in person yet
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