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So we have another story screenshot game! Yay! ^^ I was tagged by @jessicaacosta90. I put screennshots of the story so you can follow along. Hopefully it isn't confusing >_<'
(Smiles and nods)
(Shyly smile and look to the floor)
((To Yunhyeong)) Thank you (Smiles and blushes in embarrassment) ((To Chanwoo)) Thank you. ((To Junhoe)) (Smiles and turns to look at the other boys)
It was nice meeting you. See you again soon. ^^
What was that? (Looks for Pocket knife) (( What happened to me))
That was a smart idea to take screenshots of the story Lol I actually copy/pasted it xD
@jessicaacosta90 Well I use my phone. If I was on a computer I would have copy and paste it. XD
@loftonc16 I'm on my phone too and was able to copy and paste it ^-^
@jessicaacosta90 It's easier on mine to screenshot. XD
@loftonc16 Lol Alrighty xD