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Outfit Ideas for St Patrick

1st Outfit –> Green Dress X Metallic Clutch X Ankle Boots X Clover Necklace X Knot Belt

2nd Outfit –> Green Dress X Clover Bangle X Black Hand Bag X Black Studded Pointed Heels

3rd outfit –> Green Trench Coat X Shamrock T-Shirt X Boyfriend Destroyed Jeans X Black Boots X Black Leather Backpack

So tell me which outfit you will go for ^^ Hope you enjoy reading it, if you need more inspirations, comment down, I might do a Part 2
I like outfit 2.
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@EasternShell Great to hear that! So are you going to celebrate St Patrick ?
2 years ago·Reply
I try to celebrate every year @waanderer. I usually go some place where there is live music.
2 years ago·Reply
@EasternShell sounds fun! Where are you from? (If you dont mind i ask you XD)
2 years ago·Reply
Maryland @waanderer
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