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Have you ever wondered what questions our children's children will be asking about people who were born and raised in our generation? Why were we twerking so much? What's so 'cool' about a 'cool ranch' Dorito? What's the deal with reality TV?

What do you guys think will be the most surprising thing for later generations to learn about what life was like today?

schools because in the future they are going to stuff kids with knowledge using an oculus rift kind of headset thing . Sleeping because they're going to genetically alter their brains to not need sleep. Food because they're going put all nutrition in a convient chewable tablet. Emotions because they're going give out serums that take it away for the"good of humanity" . Marriage and pregnancy because they're going to continue humanity on using test tube babies . War and murder because it won't be either of those things it'll be cleansing. Museums and history books because the past from before the new world doesn't matter. In the end they won't question anything because they won't be allowed to know what good things were taken away from them. They won't know the freedom of making up stupid dances or playing with dolls when it's socially unacceptable. They won't have the the freedom to be an individual with a personality that may or may not be weird.
Just saying that some of these comments sound like bad scifi movies. *cough* *the giver* *cough* ;P
I don't play with dolls but My masculinity has been questioned a lot 馃槶馃槶馃槶
Bahahaha @minni I still haven't seen that movie! You just reminded me that I really want to..
that wheel thing they know it didn't hover right and what are tv's I watch stuff on my hologram how did they do it and did they really have to plug up there phone to charge glad we don't have that problem
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