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I look at Seungri, and my eyes are wide open. He looks at me and then he smiles. "Hello, you must be J.J's roommate" *Huh, he don't regonize me* "Hello, and you must be Seungri" "Yes I am" "Umm... please please. come in." I open the door and bring him inside my house. He sits down at the living room. "No one is home. And I'm not J.J's roommate. I'm..ummm. His sister" "Ahh, I was about to say. Cuz you guys look a like" "Ya I'm just here to see how he us doing. But I'm leaving tomorrow." I went to the kitchen and look inside the fridge. Luke Tony, he is one alcoholic. I grab a wine bottle and pout Seungri a glass. Then I walk back towards Seungri and gave him a glass. I'm nervous. Seungri is actually seeing me dress up Like a girl. *control yourself Oh Ja-ni* "I must go. I was here to see J.J" "What's the relationship between you guys?" "I'm his partner during training at YG. And also my best friend. I came to talk to him something important, but never get the right time." "That's nice. He is a sweet guy. But he is a type who needs time for himself. But also, when the time is right just say what you got to say" "Thank you, you both are similar. But I'll go. You have a wonderful night ma'am." Seungri stands and left the apartment. As I locked the door, I quickly collapsed and laid down on the floor like I've been saved. Then my phone starts to ring. "Hello?" "Hey J.J" "Oh hey GD. What's up?" "I want to see your other lyrics. I don't think I can't wait. Can I go by and see it ... pleaseee" *He sounds too cute* "Ok, I'll text you my address" I hang up and then texted him the address. Then I quickly went to change my clothes, and I put all the girls clothes and shoes inside the closet. Then I cleaned my face till its clean and plain. I pulled out my lyrics and put it at the living room. All of a sudden the door bell rang. "Hey, nice place" GD enters with a smile on his face. then he looks around. "A place like this, brings a lot of memory when I was a trainee" "Its alright. I ain't complaining" "True, so these are the lyrics" "Yes, please sit." GD sits on the sofa and opened the binder. He grabs it and then he leans back and cross his legs. I smile of how gorgeous he looks. " do got skills J.J. You can become a music producer. These lyrics are strong. I see how much feelings are put into here" "Thank you. Umm. would you like a drink?" "Yes, please." "I have wine, water, and juice" "hmm, water would be nice. I had enough liquor. " I grabbed a cup of water and placed it on the table. Then he puts the binder down and he grabs the water. He paused... I know he is thinking. But I wonder what. "So, do you like them?" "I actually love them. They are great. I'm thinking about showing them to CEO. Maybe your music can become the groups hits or your own. Never know if you could become a solo artists" "I'm excited" I stand and went to grab something from a stand, which is pretty high. I go on my tipy toes, then I lost my balance. As I trip, GD grabs me. I look at GD in the face. My heart starts to beat faster. "There it goes again" "Wh...what?" "Your heart, its beating fast. Do I make you nervous." I don't know what's going on. My mind couldn't seem to block my feelings or emotions. So out of nowhere, I answer him honestly. "ya...a...a little" "A little? Really?" Then GD slams me to the wall. His hands on the wall and he leans on me with a smile. "What about now" "Ummm..." Then GD gets closer to me. His nose almost touching mines. I swallow hard. Then he licks his lips. *Don't do that!!* I close my eyes but then my eyes pops open. GD placed his lips into mines. Then he softly and smoothly moves his lips making me move mines. I couldn't control myself. His lips are to soft. Then we both make movements with our lips. He is going left and then slowly right. Then he place his hands on my cheeks and deepens the kiss. *Whats happening?* I didn't knew what's going on. He knows I'm a guy, but he is doing this. Then GD hands starts to go down. He grabs my hips and hold it tight. Then he lifts me up and he puts my legs around his waist. I feel hypnotized. I couldn't do nothing but follow his command. Then as his hands starts to go higher towards my chest. That when I realize. *No no no... I'm a girl, he will find out* I grab his hands and stop the kiss. I shake my head, telling him no. He then hugs me. "Sorry, I got myself out of control" " GD... you know I'm a guy right?" "Yes I know. And I don't know why I'm falling for one" "Wait what?" GD puts me down. And he puts his hand on my shoulder and looks at me serious. "I'm not gay so don't think wrong about me. But you are making me fall for you. I play around with the boys. But we just do it for fun. Just hope you understand that." "I do." "Ok good. Now I must go. I'll see you tomorrow" GD grabs the binder and left the house in quick seconds, leaving me speechless. *I'm making him fall for me....How?* I go to bed and shut of all the lights. Then my phone rings. *Ugh, I'm tired, who is calling now* I look at the phone and it was Seungri. "Seungri?" "Hey, I went by your house, but your sister told me you went out" "Ya, she told me. I'm back home. Everything ok?" "Ya, just wanted to see you. Its ok if I can cone over?" "Um... ya sure." I hang up the phone. I saw its 3am. like seriously .... all I want to do is sleep. But deep down I am worried about Seungri. He seems down. Then a knock on my door appeared. "Hey Seun......" Seungri hugs me tight. He stood there for a moment and then I felt a tear running on my shoulder. *What happened?* "Seungri, what's wrong.?" He let's me go and I quickly locked my front door and since Tony will be here in a bit, I brought Seungri into my room. He sat down in my bed and he puts his head down. I kneel down in front of him. I was acting like a girl do to a man. But I didn't care. "Seungri, tell me what's wrong?" "Look at this? How can I forget if she is up in my ass. " I look at the picture from Seungri's phone and I see that bitch I saw kissing another man. Didn't I just warned this bitch. *imma fucking kill you* I locked the phone. Then Seungri breath in and out .... "I don't want her back, but she keeps doing this. I changed my number five rimes already and she still tends to get them. She texted me saying that I need to control my girlfriend. I don't even got one!" "Wait. . what?" "She told me that a woman went to see her and told her to leave me alone. But I don't know who?" "Ok, I sent my sister to meet her. And tell her to leave you alone" "Why?" "I'm tired of seeing you this way Seungri. I care about you." Wait,, what!? What did I said. These emotions are going to be the death of me. Seungri smiles and put his head down. Then he looks at me. "This is why, you are awesome." "Just being a friend " Seungri grabs my hand and hold it tight. Then he stands and helps me stand at the same time. We both look at each other and he smiles at me. Then he hugs me. I stand there, trying to collect my mind of what's happening right now. Then Seungri grabs my cheeks and quickly kisses me. Then he deepens it. I feel fuzzy, my body wants more, but I was controlling it. Then Seungri stops the kiss and turn away. I just stand there without a word and touch my lips. "I'm not gay, please don't think that way. But your making me want you. I fool around with GD but I never felt this way to a man. Only women. " Seungri turns around and push me to the bed. He climbs on top of me and his hands flat on the bed. Then he kiss me and stop. "what is this?" Then another kiss and he stops. "What's are you doing to me?" Kids and stop. "J.J who are you?" Seungri then kiss me and his was different from GD. GD is more gentle but Seungri is stronger. I couldn't even contain myself. I put my arms around Seungri and pull him towards me more. I want more, but I can't. So I stop the kiss. "I'm sorry J.J" "Its fine, just... right now I think we need to think well." "You right. .. I must go!" Seungri quickly stands and left the house in seconds. Another one who left me speechless. *men!* I got to bed but now I'm not even sleepy. Two men are falling for me. I'm so not ready for tomorrow.
I enter inside the YG building. It is 7am. I couldn't sleep all last night if what happened. So I decided to come early. Everyone was supposed to come in at 10am. *I got time.* I went inside a room which has the red piano. I put my bags down. At this moment I miss my mother. How I wish to see her again. But she hasn't picked up my phone calls since I landed here. I never thought she would ignore me but she is. How I need her right now. I started playing the piano. I kept going and going. I didn't stop. My mind is racing. *Mom how I miss you* My eyes starts to get watery. I can't seem to concentrate. I messed up on a note and then slammed the paino keys. I put my head down.... "Oh Ja-ni?" I lift my head up and I saw Daesung. I quickly put my head down and started to wipe my tears off. I stand and bow. But he just pat my shoulder. "What's wrong.?" "Nothing, I'm sorry. I didn't meant to bang on the piano." "Its ok. But what's wrong. You was playing beautifully, but then the sing went from happy to angry." I look at him. Then I shake my head as if nothing happens. "Oh Ja-ni, you gotta trust us.. well at least those who knows who you are. But we are here to help you. So what's wrong?" "Its my mom. Ever since I landed. I haven't saw her. well she don't want to see me." "Why?" "Because I failed to go inside to a music school she wanted me to go, which I didn't like. They only play classic music but they didn't approve of my music." "This song you was playing, you made it up?" "Yes." "Well, you do got talent. AND I know how it feels. My parents didn't supported me either when I wanted to sing. Just give them time. Do what's best for you. They will soon come around and understand." "Thank you." "Anytime, now one question?" "Ya.." "Have you seen Seungri?" "No. I saw him last night ... that's about it. Why?" "He seems down lately." "Try to cheer him up. Your his partner. Maybe you can bright his life back" "I'll see what I can do" "Awesome, and ohh be careful between Seungri and GD. They are dangerous together. " "Dangerous?" "Just don't fall in love. They are easy to make a woman fall for them. Plus your identity" "ya right. No of course. I'm careful" "Ok I must go. See around J.J" As Daesung leaves he got me thinking. Dangerous?? Why would they be dangerous? I let it go and I went to the dance studio and wait for Seungri. Time past by and no sign of Seungri. I grabbed my phone and i start to dial his number. Nothing. I grabbed my bag and went to his house. I arrived at his house. His car is in the parking lot. I went inside. I looked everywhere. The house is empty. Then I heard a glass smashing, and it came from downstairs studio. I quickly go downstairs. I saw Seungri with headphones on. I walk towards him. When he saw me, he looks angry. "Seungri what happened?" "What your doing Here?" "What I'm doing here? I'm here because my partner whats to be angry on himself instead of helping me" "Leave J.J" "Get your fucking act together Seungri. NOW!" Seungri looks at and then put his head down. He gives me his phone. As I look down it was a text from that woman. *again* It says how she is going to destroy him with his secrets he has that he has been hiding from his fans and the world. "I can't have her do that. If those secrets ever link out. That's it. I can't believe she is doing this." "I think I've made it worse" "nah, I'm thankful for what you did" Seungri sits down on a chair and rub his head. I feel bad, but I'm starting to get mad. Like didn't I told the bitch to hold down. Seems like she will be taught. I think another final visit will be needed. But this time I need Seungri. "Seungri, I got one way to end this. But you must follow my path." "What you mean?" "You've met my sister, right. Well go on a date with her and I will have this woman show up there. My sister will know how to handle this" "Sounds like your sister is hardcore" "trust me ... you have no idea" "Alright deal!!" "Ok, so go wash up and get you shit together. Pick up my sister at 8pm. Got it" "Yes, sir. Wait are you coming?" "No. I want you to handle this yourself. I trust my sister. So trust me" "I will. Thank you J.J" Seungri hugs me and I quickly let him go. I smile and then left his house. I will teach her a lesson. A lesson that I learned in America. I got you Seungri.
Its 8pm and Seungri is outside. I feel nervouse, because my sister is me. I'm actually going on a dinner as a woman with Seungri. *well not a real dinner* I walk inside the car and I bow to Seungri. Then he drives to where we going. I texted Tony to text that bitch where Seungri and I will be. I ain't letting this go far anymore. We arrive at the restaurant. Seungri actually had the whole place to himself. So no one will be able to come inside. Well beside her. As we went inside. We order food. Seungri looks nervous. "Seungri, you need to relax ok" "I haven't seen her for three years now." "So what, a woman like her don't deserve you ok. She is disgusting. You need to feel confident. She thinks that me and you are dating" "Got it." Then we heard her yelling at the woman who works at the front desk. "You can't go inside ma'am " "Shut up!!" This will be interesting.... "What are you doing with her, Seungri?' "Cuz she is my girlfriend." *good job* "I don't like her. She is ugly" "Watch your mouth right there. Don't disrespect my girl" "Your girl, ohh please. This bitch ain't nothing" *did she just call me a bitch* I stand and show her the Korean style. I grabbed the wine and splash her face with it. "The only bitch in here is you. You need to understand that he don't want a dog like you" "A dog? You better watch who you talking to" "Why? Your just a weak person who desires attention. What happened to the man you was with? Not enough money? You worthless woman " She raised her hand as she was about to slap me. I was waiting for that moment. I quickly grab her hands and then with my other hand I smashed her face on the table. "I'll tell you one thing and it will be the last time. Leave Seungri alone. If you bother him again, even if you text. I will make sure you won't have that face again. If you say his secrets, I will make sure this will be in public." Then Tony pops out and starts taking pictures of her face slammed on the table with wine on her face. I then let her go. She collapsed to the floor. I then grabbed Seungri we walked out. As our trip back to my house. Seungri was quiet. Then he laughs. "Yooo, wow. Girl you got her good. I've never see this in Korea." "I learn that in america." "Thank you so much. Tell J.J to call me " "I will. Now stay away from the ladies , especially her types" "Got it. Thank you. Have a safe trip back to america." I went inside the house and Tony grabs me and shows me the pictures. I smile as I saw how humiliated she looks. "Thanks Tony." "Anytime. But girl. that was awesome. You just swish and boom. Like bitch back down" I laugh as Tony uses his sounds effects. Then I go and wash myself up. As I went to change, I decided to go out to a convenience store to buy some late snacks. Then as I was walking back home from the store. I received a text. >meet me at the park close by your house. I saw it was from TOP. I wonder what's going on. I walk towards the park and I see TOP swinging high on the swings. *what a child* I giggle and slowly creep behind him. "Yaaaa!!!" TOP jumps and hold his chest. I alugh as I sit on the swing next to him. "Shheshh, girl can you greet better" "Stop being a baby. I always get you though" "Still haven't forgotten those moments" "What's up? " "Nothing I'm just bored. And plus I want to catch up with you. We haven't seen each other for 14 years. So I want to catch up" "Ahhh.. I'm good. Just here and there" "How's your parents?" "They ok, I guess." "What happened? Your not with your parents" "No, my parents stop talking to me only cuz I didn't made in to a music school" "That sucks. I see she is still hard on you" "Yup, that's my mother" "Come on." TOP grabs my hand and we start running. We ended up at our old school. We start to look around. So many memories Here. Then I laugh. "Why you laughing?" "Remember gym time. You couldn't even swim. You cried to the coach till he gave up" "Not funny. That sounds humiliated." "Nah. Come one let's see if the pool is still there" We walked inside the building. It was dark and you can see many kids picture and all. Then we found the pool. TOP looks around, then I sneak behind him. Then I push him. "Yaaa, Are you serious!!!!" "Yes, I'm glad your floating" "you..." TOP splash water at me and then I jump inside. We played like old times. I can't believe that I finally had a chance to meet my long friend. Then we left the school. "Its awesome to be able to hang out with you. Your like family to me. So don't go missing " "Never. Oppa. " "Alright go inside. See you around" I went inside the house. I put on dry clothes and then I saw my phone . I had a missed call from GD. I recall. "You called?" "Ya, hey your lyrics. CEO loves them. He said they are very good. Tomorrow, me and you are going to work on it. So I might have you stay with me tomorrow after your practice with Seungri. ok" "Ok. sounds great to me" I hang up the phone, then I lay on my bed and look at the ceiling. So many things are running in my head. Then I gra the phone and text Seungri. >how did it go? >awsome, your sister is badass >the best. Are you ok now? >no. >why? >I miss you.... What is this feeling. ... why I feel fuzzy inside when its about him.... >we will see each other tomorrow, silly. >I want to see you Now. I'm in front of your house. WHATTT!!!!!????
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Another thing I am so jealous of J.J. right now it's not even funny.
Aaaaiiissshhhh!!!!!! Wae!!!!!!! That scene where she super soaked that hoe was awesomesause!!!!!! But what the hell with GD and Suengri?????? And T.O.P & Daesung actually comforting J.J.???? This tew much!!!!!
yah, this is legit slaying. That chick made me want to go through the screen and throw a chair at her.
Yes, J.J is so badass hands down the best! 😆
She's so freaking lucky. She got to bash a bitches face in and she got two Big Bang members after her and one of them is GD. I want to be reborn as J.J. right now. She is my spirit animal.
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