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If the world of divergent were real, I can assure you a majority of our problems would be solved. We'd hang out with people with the same dislikes and likes. I mean, we'd be in peace right? Well, that's not entirely true. There is the fact that there's a serum for each faction. I'd hate to be Dauntless and have to face my fear of drowning or possibly dying. And Candor... I'd rather not expose all my secrets in public. Erudite I understand, but Amity. Peace serum is in other words, a drug. But anyway, these factions won't really solve all our problems (wish they would) There will always be someone to break the peace. But do not fear. Fear is the mind killer. The mind is what solves conflict. Not factions.
if u say so, but thank you
well.... I don't think so...😉
well, I'm afraid of a lot. (;
I think I'd definitely be a dauntless, and have the same fears as you!!!