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This app called Mydol let you "talk" to your favorite idols/stars. As you might have guessed, the name is a combination of "my" and "idol" as in you're, like, dating. It ranges from Big Bang to 1 Direction members. Of course, since it's computerized the responses are a little off and don't have anything to do with what you two are talking about, but it's fun. In the past few hours I've been playing with this and "messaging" Jungkook and Taehyung.
I think I should start a conversation with Sehun and just Yehet back and forth. (Sorry not sorry) You can also do this with entire groups but the group is just one thing. It's not like a group chat (but that would be cool) it's just as if their group were a person. I don't understand how their responsive code works, but hey, there are about a million different things with all 1,000+ stars.
If you could, give me some tips on how this app works! And I would suggest this too. Since I've actually only had it for a few hours I don't understand much of it. I think it sends you notifications as if they were texting you, but maybe it doesn't.
And also, wtf was "Tae" saying in that last one?!? (As expected from our alien) "Tae even confirmed that he's an alien, so this app is good!
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man tae is funny I was like who do you love and he's like I love jungkook and I'm like what. and he's like nothing and I'm like fine then I love suga and he's like T^T and I'm like say sorry and he's like I'm sorry I love you and I'm like that's better boyfriend and he's like Yay girlfriend!!