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Welcome to the next addition of Suga Strip! If you're just joining us then head on over to the other parts! Part One Part Two Part Three As always, for my babe @MichelleIbarra

Suga undressed me because I came home drunk

*Note: •Gonna put a trigger warning on this •Pardon my language! •This is no longer the original scenario, rather a continuation. •Our character now has a name!
'Flight delayed' Eight p.m., the storms were starting to roll in. 'Flight Canceled' Eleven p.m., the lightening outside was enough to light the apartment. 'We'll be back tomorrow' Three a.m., the rain outside beat at the window with such force that sleep was impossible. It had been a month since you'd been able to sleep through the night. At first you chalked it up to stress, maybe the change with work. After a week and falling asleep on the phone, you realized it was him. Without him in the country, in the city, in your apartment, it felt off. Things felt empty without your comfort being home. When the alarm for the next morning chimed, you simply turned it off. Eyes staring straight at the ceiling like you had been all night, sleep was to far away. You laid there for awhile, when the second alarm sounded, you finally rolled from the mattress. A too hit shower, a too bland breakfast and a too dreary morning. The skies were a dark grey, threatening to unleash another flood. People hurried about the street, trying to reach their destinations before the storm hit again. - "Plane leaves soon." Five p.m., the rain never came. "We're taking off. I love you " Six p.m., the butterflies started. It seemed in the midst of getting life together, finding who you were again, you had found something better. You found your grounding, your comfort, your world. He had become everything in the short two years since that night. You let him in, let him see the few parts which you never showed anyone. He was there for milestones in your life, for the downs and the ups. You quit drinking, for good this time, swearing it off because it only ever caused problems. You didn't need problems, not now, not ever. You were happy, really happy, for the first time in a while. Life was moving forward again and everything seemed to be falling into place. - 'We landed. You know which gate?' Of course you knew which gate, you'd been there for hours. Waiting on that text, on the moment he was back. 'We took the back exit.' Hiding from the fans, how clever. Just like that you were running, eager to have him back in your arms. You raced through the airport, in search of the exit that would lead to him. Panting, out of breath, and tired, you finally found it. Taking a moment and a deep breath, you pushed the door open. There he was, standing with his back to you and talking to one of the managers. A grin spread across your face and all you could do was stare, taking him in. Jungkook smiled at you before tapping on his shoulder and pointing. Watching him then to you and pause for the briefest of moments before his own smile widened. Without hesitation, he nearly ran at you. Taking you up his arms, hugging you so tightly and just taking you in. "I missed you, YoonGi."
"Ah, look at my girlfriend." Another snap of the camera. "YoonGi, stop." A playful giggle didn't help press the issue. "You're so beautiful. I need to capture it now." Another snap. "Capture it now? Am I ageing that quickly? Is my hair graying already?" You patted at the brown sheet of hair that covered your ears. "I'm not around as much, you seem to change every time I leave. You get prettier each time." He smiled that gummy smile, snapping another photo. "Ah," You playfully pushed him away ",such a greaseball." This was a rare moment, walking in the park and along the streets. A rare moment where there were no cameras other than his, no reporters or fans. No one swarmed for autographs or selfies. It was a nice and a rare moment that you were grateful for. YoonGi smiled, walking and stumbling, as he looked over the photos from that morning. He started out capturing each moment when you answered the door. Taking in your morning face and he told you how beautiful you looked. "I love you." You locked your fingers with his, pulling him close and resting your head against his shoulder. - "This is not okay, this is not okay, this is not okay." You whispered over and over to yourself, terrified of the little stick. Positive You pushed your back into the wall, hand over mouth, trying to figure out just what to do. Mild panic attack setting in and your nerves seemed to vibrate. With a stomach in knots, you reached out and picked the test up. There it was, a little blue positive sign glared back at you. Biting at your lip and pacing the small bathroom, you had no idea what to do. This was not the plan, not how things were supposed to start. "Jagi?" The knock on the door scares you, causing you to drop the test. "Everything okay? You've been in there awhile." "I-I'm fine YoonGi." You stuttered, he's going to notice. "You sure?" No answer "Micy?" You took a hagard breath and flung the door open. "Let's break up." He looked taken aback, stumbling a few steps back staring at you as if you just murdered his dog. He looked wounded, more hurt than you'd ever seen him. "What?" It was barely above a whisper. "You heard me Min YoonGi." You were trying to hold it together. He looked around you, past you, anywhere but directly at your face. "Why?" "I'm done." Tears were starting to push their way. He looked past you again and you bit your lip. "Micy..." His voice trailer off causing you to glance up at him. "Micy, what is that?" YoonGi went to push past you. Looking back, you realized the test was still in the counter. Your eyes grew wide and with all your might trying to stop him. "YoonGi, it's nothing." Grabbing at his arm, trying to hold him in the living room. Your attempts failed when he ripped your hand away. He stormed into the bathroom and all you could do was watch in waiting. Minutes passed and he was still staring at the little test. "YoonGi?" You tentatively whispered his name. "I'm gonna be a dad." Suddenly you were lifted and spinning slowly. YoonGi pressed your back into the wall, holding you there and looking into your eyes. His smile was wider than ever. "Don't ever do that again." He became serious suddenly. "Don't ever try and leave me because you're scared. I know what you're thinking, 'His career, the boys'. Everything is going to be fine." "YoonGi..." You brushed your hand down his cheek, memorized at his reaction. "You're my world Micy, and now we're adding a piece of both of us."
"Ready to go?" YoonGi walked into the bedroom, adjusting his shirt. "Almost. Does this dress look funny?" You tried smoothing the fabric over the growing bump. "You think my parents will notice right away?" "You look beautiful. Now hurry up, I hate the way your dad looks at me when we're late." Twenty minutes later, the two of you were out the door and into your car. Out of the garage and onto the street, your hands fidgeted with the hen of the dress. Pulling at it and trying to make the growing bump seen less noticeable. YoonGi took your hand in his free one, instantly calling your nerves. Today was the day you were telling them that a little one was due before next summer. Today would go extremely well or end horribly, you were preparing for either. All to soon the car was parked and YoonGi was waiting on you. Across the street, waiting in the restaurant, were your parents. They hadn't seen you in over a year and only meeting YoonGi two years after your relationship started. "Let's go." He seemed just as nervous, nearly dropping the keys. You counted your steps, kept your hands infront of your stomach and stayed close to YoonGi's side. He kept one arm around your shoulders and his heart beat a fast rhythm next to your ear. "Micy! YoonGi!" The two of you were wrapped up in your mother's arms once reaching their table. You hugged her back, moving to hug your father and then taking a seat before either could notice your stomach. Lunch started out nicely, your father and YoonGi making small talk over music and producing. Your mother seemed excited and babbled on about things back home. "Micy?" YoonGi took your hand suddenly. "Before we tell them." He pushed something into your finger. It took you a moment to realize what he'd done and another to see it. There on your finger was a ring, beautiful and silver. "SugaBear." Just like that you were in tears, hugging him and frantically nodding. "Why tears? Min YoonGi are those happy tears? My baby has happy tears right?" You mother was questioning, watching your exchange. "Your baby is crying cause her baby is making her emotional and she's happy." You laughed out, wiping away the tears. "Her baby?..." "We're having a baby." - "So how's it feel to be Micy Min now?" YoonGi whispered in your ear as you danced. "There's no way to describe such a feeling. It's amazing and yet I feel as if some kind of weight as been added." He scoffed at your comment, causing you to giggle. "I'm married to the Min YoonGi, being your wife has some expectations. The fans will only approve of me so much." "Screw the fans, you and our daughter are the only things I care about." He nuzzled against your neck. "How rude." NamJoon spoke up beside you, he had been dancing with your sister. "Yeah, yeah. I care about you six idiots too."
The End...? How was part 4 my lovelies? Give me your thoughts. I know it wasn't as feels fueled or anything but I wrote this whenever possible. My new schedule leaves little time but I NEEDED to get this done and I tried very hard to make it up the previous parts standards.
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