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as usual it's the Reader xJR. I hope you all enjoy....
I was sitting with Mark shooting the breeze in their backyard. I was watching Jr from afar while he was grilling. Mark switched to English talking to me. We where both talking about shows and music that we missed back from the states. When he started to sing Dream'sShawty is Da Sh*! to me. I busted out laughing and started to sing it back to him and grabbed his had and started to dance. Mark sang: Shawty is the sh-sh-sh-sh sugar honey iced tea Prettiest one I see little mama icy They say she a Pisces, I heard they are feisty, You know how to treat her she'll be sweeter than a Hi-C Clean up very nicely, shoes are kinda pricey Match 'em up precisely, good jeans nice T Like her food spicy and she is the same Hotter than a flame, but I do not know her name, is it Keisha? (Aye) Is it Teisha? (Aye) Maybe Lisa? (Aye) Or Taurisa? (Aye) It could be Teeyah?(Aye) Maybe Aaliyah? (Aye) I guess I'll find out one day, for now I'mma say (Aye) I sang back to him while dancing with him and Jackson joined in with me. Shawty fly (Aye), shawty tight (Aye) Shoulda stayed there, all night (Aye) With you, with you I missed ya (Aye), picked ya (Aye) Now it's time I (Aye), get back up With you, girl, with you, Oh yeah! We used to kick it up at the park Now she's all grown up, up, up, up Rockin them stilettos Jumpin' up out that Mercedes truck (Truck, truck, truck) Ooh It was Keisha (oh), it was Sonia (oh) It was Tanya (oh), it was Monique (oh) It was Niecy (oh), it was Keke (oh) Ay, now that I see you at twenty-three, all I can say is I looked over to Jr and saw a frown. I singled to Mark to come closer and said lets go sing to Jr. We walked over to him singing. Jackson and Mark: Ooh, ooh, man, I don't need no hook for this shit, ooh, ooh 'Cause shawty right there is the shit! (Aye) Shit! (Aye) Shawty is the shit! (Aye) Shit! (Aye) Yeah, shawty is the shit! (Aye) Shit! (Aye) Shawty you the shit! (Aye) You the shit! Oh yeah (Aye) Then I started singing to Jr doing aeygo.. Dior jeans, her walk so mean Burberry fragrance on my shirt from when she loved me Hard as rock when she touched me Thinking now, she would loved me What it is, what it ain't tell me what to do I know I'm late but destiney brought me back to you Time went turned you into a butterfly, I'm here to say hello, He gave me one of his killer smiles and wrapped one of his arms around myside. I kissed his cheek. "Don't be jealous, You are the only one I want," I whispered up into hi ear. Jackson and Mark took over grilling the meat and shooed me and Jr away. He grabbed led me into the middle of the yard and started to twirl me around. He sang to me John Legend's All of me into my ear. Jr signing so softly to me "What would I do without your smart mouth Drawing me in, and you kicking me out Got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down What’s going on in that beautiful mind I’m on your magical mystery ride And I’m so dizzy, don’t know what hit me, but I’ll be alright" I reach my arms up around his neck and pull him down in for a kiss. I hear all the members go "Awwwwweeeee" in the back ground. Jr chuckles against my lips and I smirk. I hug him tightly. We eat meat with the boys but all too soon it is time for me to leave and go home. I say bye to all the boys and Jackson and Mark swarm me with hugs. They won't let me escape and keep playing keep me away from Jinyoung. He is getting really agitated with them and decides to get JB's help. After JB yells for them to stop I laugh at their faces. Jr grabs my hand and leads me out. "(y/n) can you not encourage them. Why do you have to be so close to them. Less skinship please. Is that so hard to ask." I giggle. He gets a little mad at me and looks at me. I laugh again and bite my lip. "Why do you keep laughing (y/n). I don't find it funny." "You are so sexy when jealous. Besides you know Mark and I grew up as best friends in the states. So he gets to have any hugs he wants he's my Oppa!" I popped the pps in Oppa on purse to make him even more jealous. His eyes turn really dark. "He is not your Oppa!! I am your Oppa (y/n). Do I need to prove it?" He leans down and captures my lips in a firm and passionate kiss. I fight the urge to give into him until he nibbles at my bottom lip and I sigh. He takes that moment to slip his tongue in. He caresses my tongue and explores my mouth tasting me. My hands grab his shirt pulling him even closer to me. I whimper when he finally releases me from the kiss. I see his satisfied smirk across his face. "Oppa?" "Hmmm, my little kitten?" "Can we go home now?" He grabs my hand and starts walking down the street. My other hand comes up to my lips in disbelief at his show of manliness. He is showing a sexy side I've never seen in the last two years of dating him. We reach my home. I open the door and lead the way in. He pulls me to the bedroom. "Let me finish what I started earlier," he purrs in my ear and closes our bedroom door. The shivers run down my spine but a smile lights up my face.
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