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(I would have provided a link to where you can read the manga online, but manga websites are blocked on my school computer =P )
While doing research for homework on my laptop, I decided to take a break and write a review of a wonderful spin-off series of Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail fans, I highly suggest you read!
Fairy Tail Blue Mistral is a spin-off series of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail. The plotline follows Wendy on many adventures on her own (well, other than with Carla's presence and friends she meets along the way c: ) The sky dragon wizard chooses a request that sends her to Nanalu village and calls specially for dragon slayers. Wendy, wanting to prove to herself she can take on such a mission on her own (well... other than Carla again x3) she accepts the mission.
Rui Watanabe is the illustrator and does an amazing job of portraying the characters. Wendy and Carla's eyes are so sparkly! cx I love especially how they draw Erza, Natsu and Lucy! The first time the three made their appearance in the manga I couldn't stop aweing at the magnificent art style of the characters!
The plotline is very well done and there's a surprising twist in the end! XD I won't spoil anymore than that, I promise. (Oh and, just a heads up to anyone who might be curious, so far the manga doesn't have fanservice)
I loved the first book and am very excited to start the second! I may write another individual review for it as well. But if you are interested, I highly recommend you read it! So far it is my favorite Fairy Tail spinoff series- and I believe it deserves more recognition which s the reason for my review!
Thanks for reading!