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So this will probably be one of the most personal cards I will ever write but I think it's important to share my relationship experience while having depression and anxiety. Basically I'm going to give some advice for those who are or may in the future date someone with either of those things or maybe both as well. I will put a little disclaimer that while depression and anxiety generally hurt people the same we are all individuals and it will have different effects on our character/feelings.
Others may attest but I and many others with depression/ anxety really do do our best to enjoy our lives as best as we can, and in turn we do our best to keep our mental illness from having an effect on those around us. Well when you're in a relationship that can be hard especially when a lot of time is spent together.
To us it's especially hard when our SO doesn't understand what we are going through, it's hard to put in words and when we are hurting we're often pushed to explain why we feel and act the way we do when in reality we often don't have an explanation for you... its just who we are. Please invest in a little research, it can help you and your SO.
I have recurring anxiety attacks that are followed by intense depression aka not feeling any kind of emotion for hours all while wondering if I should really be alive... say my husband doesn't want to go to the store with me or he snaps at me a little my whole world burns to the ground. In the back of my head my thoughts are digging me my lonely grave. I find myself having to explain why something so small gets me each time.... trust me those of us with that kind of anxiety know how it wears on you.... hang on for us... we don't mean to push you away or hurt you too.
It doesn't help to ignore your SO struggle with mental illness in fact you should tell them how brave they are each day. Not everyone experiences suicidal thoughts but getting out of bed after an episode is pretty dang hard.... remind them you are there for them too and if you recognize that they may need help they haven't gotten it's ok to talk to them about it. As a side note I don't condone staying in a toxic relationship.
likewise I struggle with my own demons. and thank you for being true to the light.
Thank you for being so brave and open. Sending a hug and a pat on the back your way. :-)
@MaighdlinS thank you for being brave to share this. I have family members that I'm struggling to understand their personal burden, but it helps understanding and listening to them.
I can relate to the first and second one so well, sometimes the demons inside keeps you sane
@JamiMilsap @alucard9768 thank you both :)
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