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Honestly this is a combo that I love just as much as Deadpool and Spider-Man. I actually like the Hawk-pool better! They just play off each other rather well. If you did not get to read any of the Deadpool vs Hawkeye, you can always take a peak in the Gwenpool Christmas special and they have an amazing arch with Deadpool and the Hawkeyes. So let's get to some of my favorite Hawk-pool moments. I so want this ship... As in friendship. It's prefect!
You have it handled Hawkeye? Huh? I don't know who is behind you but help your man Deadpool get his fingers from Crossbones. Ijs pals for life right!?
Yeah, Deadpool was not offering food right away. You know Deadpool is a foodie Clint. He can eat you out of house and home. I believe it!
Yup an agreement was made dude, how else was your boy Deadpool was going to handle it. The one two, baby! That's my man Deadpool!
Deadpool you don't rank on the same list with Tony Stark, Mister Fantastic, Amadeus Cho, Bruce Banner, Hank Pyrm and the rest of the smart asses of Marvel, but it was cute that you thought a flash drive was a piece a candy. Pure gold be happy that Hawkeye did not let you go through with eating it.
Deadpool and the Hawkeyes teaming up leading to the next photo!
That's my boy! Hawkeye's arrow! Most dangerous thing that can be pushed out at an enemy! Well it was fun chatting it up with Hawk-pool tonight. I'm totally going to give the Hawk-pool comics another read for a good laugh. Right after the Secret Secret love wars... Yeah it's a thing guys and it highlights one of my favorite couples Iron Fist and Misty knight Awwww.
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I like the way Deadpool's mind works. "I'm a Hawkeye who shoots Deadpool's at people." That's hysterical.
I adore the Hawkeye/Deadpool comics. They're a great weird team :D
Lol! Hawkeye reminds me of myself when one one my friends are being silly
he so reminds me of myself sometimes lol especially with that bit with the hotdogs xD
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