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The reason why people get panda eyes and how to get rid of them! :D
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Yes, damn dark circles. Yep, it definitely is the thinnest. That's why they always tell you to use your ring finger to apply cream there. XD Oh, she just mentioned it! Hahahahaha! Sorry, I didn't wait long enough. Funny! Are you still drinking tons of water @miranpark88 ?
@YinofYang I'm trying! but it's been so hot outside and so cold inside because of the AC i've been a little bit sickyyy : ((
@miranpark88 What, you're sick?! Well, please take care of yourself, sis. I hope you recover swiftly and start drinking lots of water again.
@YinofYang I'm trying to drink as much water as I can! :D Even though its still making me feel a little bit sickyy
@miranpark88 I hope you're much better today than you were a day ago.