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Good evening folks! I am determined to get this Scavenger Hunt train caught up and back on track! In the interest of doing so, I will not be doing the normal recap again. I know, I'm sorry. But we have winners to crown!

I've carefully looked over all the BBSH entries and the following Vinglers correctly submitted their cards before the deadline and therefore have been entered into last week's drawing.

This was the week with the fewest participants thus far. I'm betting a lot of folks were sick and/or busy like I was and probably a few were scared off by the level of difficulty on some of the items. So I want to extend an extra kudos to the 5 of you who participated in this Scavenger Hunt.

Now, let's recap what these folks have the chance to win:

1. Bragging Rights
The winner will have bragging rights as well as their card featured in the BIGBANG community.
2. Entry into Monthly and Quarterly Prize Drawings.
All of the Vinglers mentioned above have earned one (1) entry into the end of the month prize drawing, and five (5) entries into the end of the quarter prize drawing.

Now before I get the cheesehead out, I want to highlight two particularly difficult items on this Scavenger Hunt.

1. Daesung's facial hair. Apparently it takes him a year to grow a little bit of stubble so finding a picture of him with facial hair is incredibly difficult. However, you all did it!!!
2. BIGBANG making a reference to my home state of Michigan. This was also a difficult task, but again you were able to find them. There are more out there, but these ones all did the trick.
The third picture may leave you all scratching your heads while you attempt to find the reference. @SatinSkies got very clever with her answer to this item. >>>Here<<< is the link to her card so you can read her reasoning for yourself.
Here are all the entries to date in my cheese head. Time to turn on the tunes and draw a winner.
Um... I'm not sure how this happened, but the video I recorded of the winner's name being drawn from the cheese head has... disappeared.
Like, seriously, it's just gone. It was there. I saw it. I don't know where it went. I'm at a loss, honestly. I was jamming out to Daesung's Wings in the video and I shuffled the Post Its and drew the name and now it's just gone....
I don't approve either TOP. Like WTF??? I worked hard on that. Sorry folks. But I guess there just won't be a video this time around. But I did draw the name so I will still crown the winner.
I know, I know. Seungri, don't give me that look!!! I'M SORRY! #SenpaiPlease!

Congratulations @KhrystinaLee

You've won last week's Scavenger Hunt. That means you have bragging Rights. Woot! Great job!
This is the first winner we've had whose bias is the sweet, lovable, handsome Taeyang. As such, I'm going to show you some bias love!

Thank you to everyone who participated in last week's BIGBANG Scavenger Hunt. For those of you who didn't get the chance to play this time, you'll have another chance very soon. YIPPIE!

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wooooo! Whhhaaattt?! I actually won something?! *does the taeyang cooking dance*
Congratulations @khrystinalee!! 🙌👏👏👏👏👏👏
YAY UNNIE YOU WIN!!!! :D @KhrystinaLee
Congrats @KhrystinaLee !!
@khrystinaLee Congratulations!!!!😁😁😁😁
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