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I'm semi new to the A. R. M. Y Fandom. I got into BTS just from browsing kpop videos on YouTube and from post on Vingle. And now I love them like legit all of them they are truly a special groups of guys.
They make me happy I smile alot more now that I've found them and they are part of my life. Idk if they realize how much of am influence they have over A. R. M. Y. OUR SPECIAL BABIES.
My BTS bias after a long time of not being able to choose is Kim Nam Joon.. He is an amazing young man and he doesn't get enough credit for the hard work and love he putz into his craft. He's an amazing Rapper and has a beautiful singing voice as well. I love him for his hard work and dedication to his hyungs and his Fandom.. And he's absolutely gorgeous and those dimples Oh my.
When you find a group and you find yourself looking for them everywhere and things you see in everyday life always seem to relate to them.
My Bangtan boys... What would life be like without you now that I have you... I shudder at the thought...