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Grath is a not so good hunter that Bobby calls on to give extra help to Sam and Dean. Grath usually works on his own and only comes out to help when it had to do with Bobby. After stepping up to fill Bobby's role, Garth becomes more serious and confident, as well as more capable at his job. He also adopts several of Bobby's mannerisms. He's described by Dean as someone who "grows on you." Garth likes sweet things and comics, gets drunk easily, and appreciates being in full out chill mode, I would not be surprised if the character has warm vanilla candles.
The Winchester boys grow closer to him and he is considered to be apart of the team. Now this character has a bunch of spoilers too that I'm not digging into but let's just say don't turn into what you hunt.
"don't turn into what you hunt" XD XD XD
That would be nice to see Garth poke back in. At least we know the actor is still working. He is on a SyFy show called "Z Nation"
I like Garth.I like him a lot
I do miss him even if he was a tad bit annoying XP
I wonder if they'll bring him back