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Struggles of a Kpop Idol

From watching our favorite stars on youtube, we can assume they love their job and making music, especially if it brings joy to their fans (a.k.a. us), but we also know that they have a lot of struggles.
Sometimes I wonder if they wish they had taken a different path. Don't get me wrong, I DEFINITELY want my bias around, but don't you just hate it when you have to watch your bias deal with these struggles?
I be like, "I'm here for you!"
1) They don't get to do things, most normal people do.
It's sad to think that some of our favorite idols are so occupied with their careers, that they can't do the things we're able to do. Like, get their license until later, unless they're smart and decide to get a head start. Or just go out to a coffee shop with some friends because of fans or paparazzi. Sometimes they have to wear the mouth mask and hat before heading out. But we normally see them like that anyways.
2) Stress over their image.
We fuss over this a lot. We want our idols to relate to us, but we also want them to be above and beyond. We admire them for their looks and amazing body, but then we also criticize them for being too skinny/fat and accusing them of plastic surgery or not being pretty enough. It must be hard to meet everyone's standards.
3) Social media sensitivity.
This happens all the time for idols, especially on instagram. Idols would post a picture, then be called out for being racist. I'm not saying they weren't being racist, but just the fact that they have to be extra careful with what they post and how they phrase things. Sometimes it's not meant to be offensive, because they don't know, and sometimes it is meant to be offensive. In the end, they usually put up an apology post.
4) Anti fans/Saesangs
This topic honestly scares me the most. There will always be fans, extreme fans, really extreme fans, and anti fans. Similar to how it's not possible to have a light without dark. Where there's a fan, there's an anti fan. In terms of kpop, these people take it to the extreme, from breaking and entering to attempt in kidnapping to poisoning drinks. It's crazy to think that some stars haven't quit, even after some disturbing incidents they've been involved with. If you don't know what I'm talking about, google 'sasaeng incidents' and it will give you exactly what you're looking for. Saesangs are extreme fans that will do just about anything to be near their idols.
Can you imagine just sitting in your room, then hearing a giggle coming from your closet? Or someone hiding in your bathroom while taking a shower? Or even having a near-death experience after drinking a tampered drink? It scares me.
5) Training
The vigorous training these idols go through. Before our favorite idols got on stage, they suffered a lot during their time as a trainee. It's tough competition, some training for years on end and some never making it. They work hard in their skills to become an idol, including dancing, singing, rapping, acting, composing, etc. I love them and all, but I swear, they'll work themselves to death. They work so hard on their music and choreography.
6) Little or no sleep
With working so hard, I'm surprised some get any sleep. Jumping between concerts and interviews and showcases, some end up sleeping while they get their makeup done. Even though I'm a total hypocrite and barely get any sleep myself, sleep is essential to keeping the body healthy. You may be able to keep up with it for a little bit, but your body will eventually break down. At a BTS concert in Japan, Suga and V had to be taken to the hospital due to exhaustion. They were so tired they got sick. I really hope our idols can fit more sleep into their schedules. That's the only thing I wish for them.
7) No time for family
Being a kpop idol means less time with family. Of course it's nice for those who are in groups, they are able to create a second family, but they almost always miss their real family. Being away from their parents and siblings, probably makes them realize how much they appreciate their family. Usually people can't wait to get away from their annoying siblings or pestering parents, but these idols can't wait to see their family, after being separated from them for long periods of time.
Which reason would you give for not wanting to be a kpop idol?
Are you like, idgaf, I just wanna be a kpop idol?
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If it means, I can sing and dance as a career, I don't know, I think it's worth it. I think the only thing that would stop me would be the fact that the shelf life of a K-Pop group is usually 10 years, give or take a few.
Idgaf I just wanna be a Kpop idol I will fight my way threw it
I want to be a kpop idol but I'm not asian and I don't speak Korean, but I'm learning I'm very determined and I hope I make it
@KatelynSummerso If it's something you really want to do, go for it and be prepared to fight for your life for it. ✊ Just be aware of the struggles and how difficult it's going to be. As for me, I wouldn't because I would get too homesick, like my privacy, and I need sleep to function. I would also worry about my parents worrying over me. Another thing that worries me, especially for female idols, is sexual harassment. I feel like kpop is still a very male dominated industry, popularity wise. I know there are a lot os strong girl groups, but not as many as boy groups.
ughhh this is hard..I want to audition to be an idol...But the sasaeng thing and not being able to be normal bothers me..But other than that I don't really mind? I mean...its my dream. Am I really going to let a few things stop me from reaching it?
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