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This is the second week I have felt the need to post TWO throw backs in a day/night. Please enjoy your journey through the Punk/Gothic phase!
These are some of my favourite groups that I listened to as a teen and to this day I sometimes still do! Let me know what you think at the end of your journey through the darkness.....
NamJoon: Killswitch Engage - Barely Breathing
This is a live version of the song since I couldn't find a good version with the original singer.
I believe this song is very befitting for NamJoon with his deep soul and deep thoughts about life in general. Are we a live or just breathing? Killswitch Engage was a diffinate Go-To for me as a teen.
V: New York Dolls - Looking for a Kiss
This 70's punk band tells all of V's secrets. He just wants to be loved and kissed. Whether he's being a morbid jerk or his sweet teddy bear self, this guy is just looking for a kiss. What a cutie!
JIN: The Crüxshadows - Valkyrie
This kid doesn't deal with BS or politics. If you piss him off he will mess you up! Jin is all about the truth and loyalty. Don't get on his bad side.
JIMIN: The Birthday Massacre - In the Dark
Don't leave this kid in the dark with ANYTHING! He hates secrets and lies just as much as the next person. Leave him behind as a friend or loved one and you will regret it.
JHOPE: The Unseen - False Hope
I chose this song for him because it's so ironic! It is the exact opposite of what he's going for in his name as JHope. Here in a parallel universe, he is hopeless and angry. Don't let his sadness get to you, he probably just needs a hug.
SUGA: Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs
For those of you who are familiar with my BDSM cards, this is a bit of a follow up! Suga was labeled as an "expert" in my BDSM cards and as such has been gifted with the first dominatrix song which was written in the 70's. Thanks Lou!
KOOKIE: Jack off Jill - When I am Queen
Don't let this Queen get to you, he's just begging for your attention...ALL THE TIME! If crossed though, he will burn, not only your house down, but the city as well. Don't piss this queen off!
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No lies Suga looks like jimin here
Fame really changed Suga 😂
Nice! One quick thing Jimin is placed instead of Suga in the pic :)
2 Jimins 😌
First of all, how gorgeous do these boys look? Secondly, The Cruxshadows and The Birthday Massacre.... these are my jams, Especially Valkyrie. That song makes me miss my goth club and peeps back home.
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