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Seeing this flyers as you walk.
Outside this building right now waiting.
Going to this concert!!!!
Buying those souvenirs!!!
Wearing this...(This look so like TOP's Style) Yes.... there is time I wish I was at Seoul right now!!!!
@katyng52 @KwonOfAKind Yes girls... there will be nasty fight over the flyer!!!!...We will need a whole groups and work like gangster... to get those..
I was literally looking at the venue this morning lol (through a screen of course lol) but it looks awesome!!! . Im sort of curious about what they do with those flyers after their done with if there not using them I will be glad to hang it out side my house and a large glass case lol
@KwonOfAKind not sure, but I hv seen ppl talking Ab taking those huge flyers home after the concert... 😍😍
at least I can see their concert live for once on the V app.
@KwonOfAKind very true I would definitely put them in my yard lol.
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