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Big Bang ↝Time↜ when you wish you are somewhere else!!!
Seeing this flyers as you walk.
Outside this building right now waiting.
Going to this concert!!!!
Buying those souvenirs!!!
Wearing this...(This look so like TOP's Style) Yes.... there is time I wish I was at Seoul right now!!!!
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@KwonOfAKind not sure, but I hv seen ppl talking Ab taking those huge flyers home after the concert... 😍😍
a year ago·Reply
@katyng52 I hear ya but I think we will do just fine. 😉
a year ago·Reply
@Ticasensei is was taken by the fans outside the building
a year ago·Reply
@katyng52 @KwonOfAKind Yes girls... there will be nasty fight over the flyer!!!!...We will need a whole groups and work like gangster... to get those..
a year ago·Reply
If I saw those unattended and outside in the open, I think I would casually walk up and just steal everything and run away before people notice
a year ago·Reply