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Some of you might know the YouTuber Nobel and his channel Lost pause well he just had his channel terminated due to violations that don't make sense the last community guideline strike he got which terminated his channel was clean I know because I watched it.( it was a music video starring his mascot lily totally clean across the board)
YouTube has gone too far this time Not only are they taking down videos without any real explanations they're now taking down whole channels show your support of you tubers who are being taken advantage of by using the hashtag #protectyoutubers and #stopyoutube and #bringlostpauseback he needs your help vingle
I know right Ibalisticsquid's channel was taken down for "copy righted info" like wtf
@ChrisStephens yeah he made another just called joey and theres a video bout it
WHY!? Noble he is awesome he is funny to like WTF youtube
@JoseYzaguirre Really! i didn't hear about that
they nearly took down joey (anime man) too !
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