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“Why I Want to Leave Him Completely” by Lumina H. I want to leave him completely, to eliminate future possibility of us ever being together. If I eliminate future possibility of us being one, I eliminate hoping for us to fall in love. If I exterminate hope of us falling in love somewhere down the road, I have no choice but to give him up completely. If I give him up completely, I am forced to let go of him fully. If I let go of him fully, I will gradually forget him. If I gradually forget him, I will one day not remember him. If I will not remember him over time, I will no longer feel pain from him. If I no longer feel pain from him, I can finally be free from his memory forever. If I can finally be free from his memory forever, I can be happy. If I can be happy, I can finally breathe peaceful air into my starving lungs. And at last, the moment I’ve waited for The reason why I wanted to leave him completely. There will no longer be a place for him to live in No place for him to poke, tear, smash and bleed my beating heart.
Wow, this is really good! I know that feeling though, of just wanting to be over things right NOW and forget about a person completely so they can't hurt you anymore. it's tough
Yep! But out of sight out of mind right? Best to forget someone who doesn't like you