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I love my kpop and all, but there are some dances that I want to learn more than others. Here are just a few that I really like.
1) BTS (my friend knows all of these)
-I Need U
-Boy In Luv
-No More Dream
-War of Hormone
-We Are Bulletproof Pt.2
2) EXO
-Love Me Right (skip to 1:08)
-My Lady (Kai Teaser Vid)
-Call Me Baby
3) AOA
-Heart Attack
-I'm Jelly, Baby (AOA Cream)
-Short Hair
4) Apink
-Remember (start at 0:21)
-LUV (start at 0:54)
-Mr. Chu (start at 0:40)
-Chained Up
-Voodoo Doll
-On and On
6) GOT7
-Stop Stop It
-Girls Girls Girls
-I Like You
-If You Do
-Just Right
7) Seventeen
-Mansae (start at 0:29)
-Adore U (start at 0:29)
-Jam Jam
-Shining Diamond
What dance do you want to learn (on or not on the list)?
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@imiebegay14 my friend knows all the BTS ones except for war of hormone, so I can't wait for her to teach me
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I'll help you with the "tree" on EXO Wolf
2 years agoReply
All of VIXX and EXO. Sistar is really easy
2 years agoReply
I want to learn anything...just one song at least, but I am physically unable to because I don't even know why I just can't 馃槯
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