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안녕하세요 내 사랑. It's your favorite blue eyed, green eyed, black girl. 저는 Elisha 입니다. Looks like I'm playing the late game once again. I must ask a second time for you to forgive the grammatical issues. I rushed it, kinda. You must somewhat understand that I am a slave to the K-World. I probably got home maybe 2 hours ago and instead of working solely on this story I started check on AOMG concert tickets and catching up in Moorim School. Smh you guys must understand a little. Also Pre-Warning: Kim Jong Kook still has yet to make his appearance in this one. New Chapter 1 Chapter 2 And without further ado Chapter 3
A Kim Jong Kook Fan Fiction 3. Days had passed, the contract was finalized and everyone was in agreement. You signed the physical copy and conferenced once more with the Korean company and your own. You would be moving within the next two weeks which was perfect, it gave you time to finish work with local clients and prepare for the move. You were an expert at travel but still not as knowledge about the Republic of Korea so again you did your research. Blogs, blogs anything that mentioned traveling to Korea came in handy. You knew to bring the eccentials, especially for your body type. So undergarments, feminine products, electronic appliances, fitness gear and protein supplements were a must. The rest you hoped to find while working there including your taste in fashion. You were ready mentally and physically to be in Korea. Sure your Korean still needed work but you had the basics and managed to convert your frequently used instructional phrases into perfect Korean. Plus there was no need to stress about communication since a translator was put into your contract. You had a few days left before heading to the airport. You enjoy a Going Away Party with your coworkers and like the blink of an eye you were waking up from a 14 hour trip. "Welcome to Korea," a Stewardess said in English as you walked out the terminal into the airport. Finally here, but a bit lost in the large busy airport. You were told a chauffeur would retrieve you and bring you to you 7 month temporary residence, but as you scan the area you saw no sign for you. You only assume they'd be holding a sign like your previous employers had but instead finally a familiar, attractive face. Mr. Kim, the fluent speaking staff member that cleared up your contract issues, smiled at you once your eyes connected. "Hello Mr. Kim," you greet in what you deem perfect Korean when finally make it through the crowd or travelers. "Wow," he feigned shock and attempted to continue the conversation in Korean. "Wait, wait, wait. That's all I got," you immediately plead. A hearty laugh sounds in your ears, apparently Mr. Kim find you funny.
Author's Notes (Yet again): Sorry it's short, and lucky number 3, meaning that its the last for this week. I'll actually put in more work in this series and many others. Its really been a while since I've written anything and we'll see if this becomes a success or fails. Anyway this is your favorite K-Pop / K-World Fandom trainee, just a trainee, Elisha aka ENF2. Today is another day to do better. I'll do better(now that I'm giving myself time to), you do better. 사랑해 ❤.
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