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Hello folks! It's Thursday again and I'm still a little behind on the Scavenger Hunt so that means TODAY is Scavenger Hunt Day! ... again!

I do apologize for the delay, but I will be caught back up soon and I'll have the results for the End of the Month Scavenger Hunt up just as soon as I can.

In the mean time, let's get started on the first BIGBANG Scavenger Hunt of March, shall we?


•Every Wednesday I will be posting a new BIGBANG scavenger hunt card.

•Each card will have a list of BIGBANG related items you'll have to search the internet to find.

•Once you've located all the items on the list, make a card with all the required items on it and then tag the Moderator Team on your cards.

•Win bragging rights & prizes.

Bragging Rights:

At the end of each of the first three weeks of the month, the BIGBANG Moderator Team will choose one card at random from the correctly completed entries and crown the creator the winner of that week's scavenger hunt. The winner will have bragging rights as well as their card featured in the BIGBANG community.

That's right, you could win prizes!

Each correctly completed scavenger hunt card will earn you an entry into a Monthly *Prize Drawing.

Some scavenger hunt cards will have **Extra Credit items. Each correctly completed **Extra Credit item will earn you Two (2) entries into the Monthly *Prize Drawing.

All correctly completed scavenger hunt cards will earn you Five (5) entries into the Super Awesome End of the Quarter *Prize Drawing.

*Prizes to be announced

**Extra Credit items do not have to be BIGBANG-related unless specified.

1. BIGBANG fan art- Minimum of 5 examples.
2. Video of Daesung portraying a woman.
3. Least attractive pictures of each member of BIGBANG (in your opinion).
4. 5 gifs of TOP eating.
5. Picture, video or gif of any BIGBANG members with non-YG idols.
6. Pictures of 3 items you would like to give Seungri and why.
7. Video of BIGBANG giving an acceptance speech at an awards show. Video MUST have English Subtitles.
8. Picture or video of G-Dragon wearing designer clothes and a picture/video of the clothes on the runway or in an ad for that designer.
9. Video of any BIGBANG member's house, with interior shot. The BIGBANG dorm does not count.
10. BIGBANG dance practice videos - 2 examples.
11. BIGBANG reaction video of any kind. Explain why you chose this particular video.
12. 5 Taeyang memes, at least one cannot involve Taeyang being shirtless or having abs.
13. Guess my favorite BIGBANG subunit/member collaboration song. Please include a MV, lyric video, fan video, etc... with your guess. You can guess any song where only two members of BIGBANG are featured together, singing and/or rapping. *
*Everyone who includes a guess in their Scavenger Hunt card will get two (2) extra entries into the End of the Quarter BIGBANG Scavenger Hunt Grand Prize Drawing (like any normal Extra Credit item). However, anyone who guesses correctly will get an additional five (5) entries into the End of the Quarter BIGBANG Scavenger Hunt Grand Prize Drawing.
I have the lyrics to this song framed and hanging on the wall in my living room. I will reveal the correct answer to this question with a picture of it hanging on my wall.

Guidelines for CORRECTLY submitted Scavenger Hunt Cards:

•The date listed in the title of this card MUST be in the title of YOUR card as well as the words BIGBANG Scavenger Hunt.
ALL scavenger hunt items listed above MUST be on YOUR card (except Extra Credit Items which are optional).
ALL five member of the BIGBANG Community Moderation Team MUST be tagged on YOUR card.
•You MUST publish YOUR card to the BIGBANG Community (you can publish to other communities at your discretion).
•You MUST tag at least two people (other than mods) on YOUR card, whom you think might like to play (their participation is not required).
•In order to be entered into this week's contest/drawing we MUST receive your completed card no later than 12:01pm PST on Tuesday of the following week. That gives you five (5) days to complete the Scavenger Hunt.
If you have ANY questions at all, please ask in the comments below.
*Picture, video, clips or gif examples used on THIS card DO NOT count if you use them on YOUR card.

Just in case you missed it, I will say it again:

We MUST receive your completed card no later than 12:01pm PST on Tuesday of the following week.

You have until Tuesday afternoon to get your entries in for this week.

The boys are waiting to see what you come up with. So, what are you waiting for?

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