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This week is a countdown to the birthday of one sexy, cute, swaggy man we all know as Suga or Min Yoongi. Today, Saturday is Suga Ships. There is lots of fun and cuteness to be had with all his members but these are my two favorite ships.
SugaKookie is hands down my all time favorite ship. They are just so wonderful together. You have the older one who is always looking out for the youngest despite the youngest being a pestering goof. Kookie really brings out the silly fun side of Suga.
My second favorite ship is this powerhouse of a couple. Can we say FINE! (Did you see that first picture?) They are really close to each other and with the god of destruction it's usually Suga's job to fix things that get broken. They are both very hard workers and their chemistry is great. I want a song from just those two.