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The lovely @Gaarito100 created some more screenshot games, and so I'll be posting some results here!

EXO Wedding Screenshot Game!

I like this, although if he proposes at a concert, I'm gonna get murdered by jelly fans. :-|

BTS Wedding Screenshot Game!

I'm happy with marrying Yoongi, though what is it with my future husbands wanting me to be killed by fans?
VIXX Wedding Screenshot Game! Hyuk! But once again I'm gonna get murdered at this concert. Also holy crumbs, 3 kids in an apartment.
This game is from the lovely @Koinii and I must say, I was worried at the beginning, but fate made everything work out okay.
And last but certainly not least is the "Holy Koreans Everywhere Batman" Screenshot game by the lovely @BaileyKayleen (my name, not hers. Lol) The biggest thing for me in this game, is that oh my lord, I'm marrying Siwon Oppa. My eyes were the size of quarters when I saw that. UB all the way. Even Kai cannot steal my heart away. Also: Chen secretly being in love with me breaks my heart. :-/
@baileykayleen I did not know all of them so I appreciate your help!
Also in case you still need help I'll just post who you got here. Sorry if this is redundant if you know everyone :) Neighbors: Jaejoong of JYJ, Junhyung of Beast, and Zico of Block B Brother: Sandeul of B1A4 Best Friend 1: B-Bomb of Block B Best Friend 2: Yoochun of JYJ Frenemy: Jaehyo from Block B Secretly In Love: Chen of EXO Dated: CNU of B1A4 Husband: Siwon swoooon Tries toSteals Your Heart: Kai of Exo I know you knew some of them just wanted to make sure :) thanks again for posting.
Whenever someone gets Chen, it's heart breaking. I don't know why it's just so sad :( But Siwon is like the ultimate prize. Plus he is so gorgeous in that picture staring into your soul! Thanks for playing and tagging me :)