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Since so many people seem pumped about BAP's upcoming world tour, I wanted to propose a small event for it! Each Monday until their first US concert, we'll celebrate a member of BAP :)

Here's the schedule:

March 8 - Youngjae Day
March 15 - Jongup Day
March 22 - Daehyun Day
March 29 - Himchan Day
April 5 - Zelo Day
April 12 - Bang Yongguk Day

Let me know if you're interested in participating or even better, if you'd like to help!

Yes Jongup Day on my birthday!!! I'm so excited. CX
@StefaniTre thank you for reminding me! i actually forgot my card :'( I will do mine a little late~
you have NO IDEA how bad I want to go see them. sadly I won't be able to this time. but sign me up for spreading the love
Yes!! Let's do this!
I was going to go but as soon as I heard there might be a chance that GOT7 is coming to the US i decide to save my money for them instead :p
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