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Alright it's time to talk ERASED!!!

**this card will contain spoilers about episode 9 ^^

I'm surprisingly happy that I felt something for Kayo's mom.

I really wanted to just blindly hate her for being a child abuser, but honestly....there's more to it than that, and I'm glad the story made that a point. It's not just that she was beating her child, but that there were reasons behind it. It doesn't make it OK, and while it felt like the grandma came out of nowhere, the sudden sympathy I had for Kayo's mom was a breath of fresh air after just hating her so much.
I still don't feel bad for her, necessarily, but I am glad that she became more than a simple plot device.

Is the teacher too suspicious to be the killer?

Or too dangerous to not be? I really can't figure it out! It's like, everything is so odd about him and the timing keeps working out in a way that I just want to believe it's him, but then....that's just so obvious!!! How can it be the most obvious thing? The show wouldn't want that ending, right? Or does the show want me to be going through these up and down thoughts?
The only thing that is keeping me from thinking he is the culprit is that he's just too obvious. UGH.

Kenya is a bro.

And yet somehow, he's suspicious to me???? I don't think it could be him, but something about him makes me want to suspect him of being involved in something weird. But what could it be....but maybe I'm just reading into it.
I actually heard from a manga reader that he has his reasons for helping Satoru that aren't suspicious, they're just not in the anime thus far. So I'll learn more about that when I read it after the anime ends!

Has the "fate" of being murdered shifted to bully girl??

Can this really end by episode 12?

I just don't know how it's going to happen!!! I like that I have a week to process & think about the show between episodes, but I'm also just SO impatient to find out where we are going with all of this that I wish I could binge it. Sigh.
@ElijahGrowe @MajahnNelson Maybe, but I've also noticed that a /lot/ of characters have had "red eye" moments before. Satoru's eyes turned red when he wanted to push Kayo's mom down the stairs. The investigator's eyes turned red at one point, too. So, I think the show is telling us that either A) all three of them are suspects or B) red eyes don't mean what we htink they mean lol XD I might make a card about the eyes actually....
Yeah but the I think the red eyes are a way to show he that he's the culprit without letting the audience know who he quite yet
Can't wait to see what your take on the meaning behind red eyes @hikaymm
@hikaymm I'm just excited to see how this show ends
Haha that is true as well, gotta love this show @hikaymm
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