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Okay, But Why Are There So Many Kims?

Interesting fact of the day, guys!

Do you wonder why Kim, Lee, and Park (and a few others) and really popular Korean last names?!

Time to open the history books:

Back in ancient Korea, only the elite (land owners) in Korea had last names. It seems a little weird to imagine but back then it was totally normal!
Then Korea hit the 19th century and started to get rid of their class system. People socially below the elite were allowed to adopt last names - and here's where we see the birth of the "Kim, Park, Lee" families.

Kim, Park, and Lee were all linked to ancient Korean royalty.

So if you're allowed to pick any name you want in the whole world, of COURSE you're going to want to pick a royal name! Who knows what that can do for you socially in the future :)
Not all Lees are part of the same family though! Each 'clan' has a distinct family history, even though their last names are the same!

Do you have any cool history related to YOUR last name!?

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I have two ancestors who signed the magna carta and ancestors who settled maryland with lord baltimore (pre-revolutionary war) on my maternal side! On that same side in related to the actress Mary Martin (original Peter Pan) and the mayor of Malibu!
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Not really cool history related to my last name but I do have some really cool heritage. I am half Native American from my mom who is full blooded by Cherokee and Apache. My family stretches all the way to when the British and Spaniards decided to settle in America. Geronimo is my great----great----grandfather and I have the documentation to prove it. My family was then taken to Spain and forced into slavery but we were able to buy our freedom and were given the Spanish last name 'Uresti'. Here where I live in San Antonio, the 'Uresti' family is one of the biggest families in the city. I love my family and I love my family's history.
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@EmilyPeacock thanks, that's interesting!!!☺
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@gabblylu13 thought of you!!! you're meant for royalty πŸ‡±πŸ‡§πŸŽŽ
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This was very interesting to learn. No cool history with my last name though haha
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