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With the most beautiful smile, she stood there Her hair teasing her cheeks everywhere With each look she gazed upon me I was mesmerized by her true serenity The vintage bricks behind, were hypnotized As the way she carried herself, her essence intoxicated No matter where she went, she brought happiness And nobody couldn't smile or pray for any less Recreating her own persona, she held her angels together And made my heart skipped some beats for her Cupid itself, painted her cheeks with love And her lips were blessed with the taste of bubble gum The cute nose rested perfectly to pierce the heart And her skin glowed to shine to complete the incomplete part Her smile so assuring, that I could die on her say And after watching her standing there, I still wait for that day With all her cuteness, she swayed her soul out And I fell for every attire of her, from smile to pout A heart touched serene beauty stood before me And I was awestruck to see God's creativity As she went by, my heart sunk away And I wish for her to be happy every day
You are welcome :)
thanks to you for saying it pretty :)
This is a really pretty poem, thank you... :)