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I recently posted a video that was basically Kekkai Sensen in the style of Pokemon, and quite a few of you liked it, so I thought I'd share a similar crossover video today!

Check out Samurai Champloo, in the style of Boondocks' intro!!!

This is so well done, two awesome anime (that I actually don't see many people talk about on here? come on!!! show them some love!!!).
These two show's actually work so well in this mashup because while Boondocks existed as an idea pretty much simultaneously to Champloo, the guy who created Boondocks (Aaron Macruder) has said that he was heavily influenced by Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop when putting together the art & action styles. Cool, right?

Who's a fan of either of these shows?!

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I love them both and that was awesome
gotta say it beats it's regular op
They're both fucking awesome
Hikaymm, I did manage to find a reverse of this and make a card for it. I wanted to give you credit for giving me the idea to look for it but I don't know how to tag people. So I just thought I'd let you know.