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On Thursday night I was at work, telling one of my employees about how more acts have been announced that will be coming to the Korea Times Music Festival in May. *My employees are all good at pretending to care because: 1) I'm gonna talk about it no matter what, so it's better to not fight it, and 2) I have already bought expensive tickets to it so they are a little worried I won't be happy if none of my biases are there.* I am telling her that more people were announced and got out my phone to pull up their Instagram account to show her the newest people when:
There has been another post/announcement that came in later that day and IT IS FT ISLAND! That's right, this Primadonna is gonna see my man Lee Hong Ki and all the amazing guys from FT Island from very close up inside the Hollywood Bowl! I was literally so shocked and happy that I dropped to my knees and burst into tears. I'm just glad there were no patients in my pharmacy at the time!
I had just been listening to their album that morning while getting ready for work, what a perfect and happy coincidence. What an amazing birthday gift from HongKi to his fans for this to be posted right after his birthday!
I *may* have also been wearing my 흥기 socks on Wednesday. It all was for his birthday but I am also going to chock it up to "good FT Island luck/magic" being sent out into the universe.
When I told my employee I was going home to put on all my fan merchandise (bracelets, etc.) to celebrate; she was not surprised. I should probably be a little embarrassed about going full fangirl in front of 2 employees (the other person still there had to come over to find out what was going on, of course) but they say they were happy they got to celebrate with me, and (I assume) have a new "Erin is a geek" story to share. I'm too happy to care one way or another.
When I got home I had to double check on the festival's website just to make sure this wasn't some cruel joke. It was posted there too, so I have to assume it actually is real! Woohoo!
I first started by watching K-dramas and tried to not get too obsessed with K-Pop because I knew that once I fell down that rabbit hole there would be no turning back (and I was right). For most groups I have only really been a fan for a year or so, there are a few exceptions to this, mainly because my first drama was "You're Beautiful." I fell in love with the Jeremy character right away and when I found out he was also in a real band, I had to look them up. FT Island (and CN BLUE) were first in my heart, I have loved FT Island for over 5 years since they first fell into my life and my captured heart. (I don't own any of the A.N.Jell photos, and the KTMF screenshots came from their Instagram and website)