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Let it be known that I've been skeptical of the Ghostbusters movie from the very beginning. You could always corner me into that section of 80s-babies-turned-today's-adults that cringed at the idea of their childhood favorites being resurrected and remade for the sake of milking a millennial cash cow.
So while I love Melissa, Kristen, Leslie, and Kate, this one looked like it was going to be doomed from the very start. But then, I saw the trailer.

Yo, how come no one told me Slimer was coming back for this?

And Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig aren't necessarily Bill Murray or Dan Ackroyd, but who said they really had to be?

Anyway, you can check out the full trailer above for yourself! Let me know what you guys think!

I can't be the ONLY one who's surprised they actually want to see this!

this looks funny and if my marshmallow comes in so in! lol mr. puff
I felt the same way and watched the trailer last night and i might be changing my mind on how i feel about this
@shannonl5 yea your right, lol @danidee I thought you were 24
@danidee It's not even about it being the underdog. It's not one. It's going to make money. It's just the righteous indignation people have that gets on my nerve. They want to talk about SJW's acting like precious snowflakes, and they're the ones bitching about something being taken away from them, their childhood, as if they're entitled to it. Stomping all over the internet screaming for the movie to bomb.
@ThePervySage Bahahahahaahahaha, this is the most perfect comment. I feel like I've become more and more this way too. Whenever the majority of people start hating on something, it makes me want to root even harder for the underdog, even if it doesn't necessarily fall into my taste.
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