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You guys, I hate Peeps. I never really got why they were so popular.
I mean, sure, they're shaped like chicks and baby bunnies, and they add a little aesthetic flair to a basic Easter basket, but essentially, it's just a warped marshmallow of horrible quality covered in yellow granulated sugar. The feeling of the first crunch is equally as unsatisfying as the rubbery texture you're left with.
It's no wonder it didn't take us all that long to find out about the weird stuff it does in microwaves - someone was probably frantically searching for a way to make them halfway decent enough to eat!
Desperate to find a seasonal offering, frozen yogurt chain Menchie's has decided to forego actual deliciousness and release a Peeps-flavored soft-serve. (Hey, remember when eating frozen yogurt for dessert was synonymous with sensible decision-making?)

Yes, these disgusting suckers...

are now something you can get here.

As both a flavor. And a topping. EXTRA GROSS.

If you're one of those grossies who actually LIKE Peeps, you can find the flavor at your local Menchie's until March 31st.

As for you sane individuals with fully-functioning tastebuds, please tell me I'm not the only person who thinks this is a terrible idea!

Well @danidee with so many haters I'm feeling obligated poor things. I had no idea so many people didn't like peeps. I just can't bear to look in those lil brown dot saddened eyes and not want to do something!!!
i like them, to an extent. but, there are some things that aren't meant to go the froyo or ice cream direction in production.
im ok with peeps. i never really ate them before but i think their ok. i would not order it as a froyo though
I don't like froyo(there's just something about freazing yogurt that makes it so disgusting. Like I like yogurt but it tastes horrible when frozen blah) but I love love love peeps! Cute animals, marshmallows, and sugar yum <3
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