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So I was just listening to SE7EN's "Thank You" song... and I decided to look and see if there's any news about him. I found this... FIGHTING SE7EN, please be safe and come back soon! 19 months to go!!! On April 26th, SE7EN will complete basic training in the South Korean military and will be placed in the 135th infantry division as a rifleman, YG Entertainment announced. At the end of February, SE7EN announced his intention to join the South Korean army to fulfill the mandatory conscription require of all South Korean males. He joined the 206th reserve on March 19th to begin his 5 week long basic training period. Unlike many other celebrities who join the South Korean military, SE7EN opted to become a regular soldier instead of being place in the PR branch. The decision was made after numerous scandals regarding celebrities receiving special treatment in the army brought heavy criticism towards the military's policies. Famed idol Rain was a prominent figure in the military's celebrity scandals after it was reported that he was given far more days off than average soldiers were given. Even when out working on military activities, Rain secretly dated his girlfriend Kim Tae Hee, bringing about a military investigation that resulted in punishment for the singer. SE7EN, hoping to distance himself from the negative image celebrities in the military have received, will serve as a rifleman in the 135th infantry division for 21 months.
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Se7en fighting!!!