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So I've phone these imagines pic and dirty confessions and man are they wow some are sweet otherss..... errr WARNING RATE: NASTY NASTY AND M FOR MATURE FOUL LANGUAGE NASTY NASTY FREAKY AF SMUTTY AF
first all start off with these not so freaky one of bts and got7 (Note that I don't not own any of this picture credit to the owner and creature
let's move on to Got7 some are a bit nasty lol again note this picture are not mine I just found them lol credit to the owner of them
I can honestly say exo had a lot of them dirty one no joke
@LemonLassie lol that happen to me just recently when I was typing something omg I was embarrass
woah..... i feel violated... haha im reading these before my class starts with people walking by and i keep covering my phone, like dont read what im reading is very dirty.
Uh..... uh.... *gulp*
Jackson ;-;