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You can easily get there either by subway or train called ITX! Takes about 40 mins by ITX from Cheongryangri stn and about 1hr 20 mins from Konkuk station, line 2 where I live! You can get off at Gapyeong stn and take a 5 min boat to the island! Recommendable for a short day trip with your friends :)
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@ouahoo hehe it is always a pleasure to travel alone ;) . You could easy to make friends, you could do everything on your own without afraid of someone going to disturb. You could stop anywhere you want to :) It would be more fun to travel with someone, but to me travel alone would be good as well :)
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@Tapsamai yeah you must be right, I'm not good at making new friends but I never travelled alone either so how would I know? ;p
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@ouahoo heheh there is always the first time to try everything ;) I was really afraid when i first do my hitchhiking, but in the end it went out pretty good !
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You're lucky not being cut in pieces lol ;-p did you see the movie "the hitcher" pretty scaring !!!!
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ohooo i love this pik !!!*-*
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