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Seoul metro map for those who might need it!
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It took me a month to understand fully the Seoul metro map!!! :(
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Seoul has many lines..indeed! I'm a newbie here so I dunno how to reply to you(or how to tag your name here, does it work like FB?) if you can see this! Please let me know! Thank you!
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heheh you put the @ in front of my name, then it would tag my name in ur answer :) That is how it work here :P. You will get use to with it soon
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@tapsamai thank you!
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@Tapsamai lol you see you are the vingle guide, we are all hanging to you lol, @ahhae89 welcome to vingle, I'm just like you mixed up with this social media getting used to FB I didn't knew where to start either lol, we'll get used to it : fighting!! lol
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