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the beautiful city Andong is one of the oldest and most traditional villages in Korea
Wonderful views of the World heritage historic village of Korea, Andong The name of this village is Hahoe and Hahoe means that a river flows around.. as you could probably see, the river runs around the village. The view from Buyongdae lookout helps you see the whole village.
I went there last summer. Favorite place I've visited in Korea so far! I've skied at Gangwon-Do, looked at the palaces in Seoul, been to Jeollanam-Do, Jeju-do, and some other places, but for some reason I always look back at the trip to Andong as being one of the best.
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@japmarpaung tried to leave comments a few times already, but keep failing, idk why! Yes I loved Andong as well and this time I was there, I had a friend who guided us so it was even more enjoyable!! I want to visit jeju island as well!! Hopefully this summer!
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