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Age doesn't matter.

At least not according to Norma and Cecilio, a couple who has been happily married for 47 long, yet beautiful years. It's not everyday that you stumble upon a couple who can say that they have been married for such a long time, but when you do it's truly a blessing. I can only imagine the growth and journey two people can endure throughout marriage and I hope that someday, we all have the opportunity to experience something so beautiful.
Norma and Cecilio have such heart warming relationship and it honestly has nothing to do with the amount of years they've been married [although that is extremely commendable], but it has more to do with their communication. It takes both patience and love to communicate through sign language -- and you can literally feel and see the love they share through their gestures and smiles. If you're looking for a happy place today or just want a bit of reassurance to remind you to keep hope alive, keep scrolling and check out a relationship that will make us all want to marry someone special someday.

What do you think the recipe for a healthy, long lasting marriage consist of?

So much communication!! haha over communication. just like this couple. this is so cute!
Definitely cute!!! I think communication is so key! @nicolejb
definitely! especially the honesty aspect of things @buddyesd
I think the two most overlooked also
two very important ingredients for sure! @buddyesd
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