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Kids these days have no clue.

If your childhood happened to be anything like mine, you probably peeled glue off the inside of your hands to pass time. Mind you, we didn't have cellphones in grade school back then. They always say history repeats itself and although I don't see myself peeling glue off my hands anytime soon, several makeup junkies are pulling it off something else.
If you take pride in your skin then you know just how annoying and hideous blackheads can be. Instagram beauty and makeup guru, Huda Kattan has found the solution all of our problems -- aka glue. Yes, you read that correctly. While this sounds rather similar to the blackhead strips that are sold in your local drugstore, glue is more affordable, effective and it literally declogs your pores. Don't believe me? Just watch.

Would you try this blackhead removal method?

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Did you use liquid or glue stick? I'm so sorry it didn't work. I was expecting it to @atmi
I use liquid glue like in the video @jordanhamilton I will try again but this time I put thicker or double amount glue on my nose and wait more than 20 minutes to
let me know how it goes! I'm going to have to pick some up myself @atmi
This worked for me. I put on alot and gave it 30 minutes to dry.
Perfect!!! I'm glad it worked for you. I def need to give it a try @Emmi