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Suburban Life in Central Queensland, Australia by Kelly Hussey-Smith and Alan Hill
Kelly Hussey-Smith and Alan Hill are two photographers based in Brisbane, Australia. Working individually and collaboratively, they seek to tell stories about the human condition. In Central Queensland Project, the photographers explore an economically powerful region of Australia largely unknown to the outside world. A significant hub for primary industries, the area is one of the country’s major coal producing regions. In their study of Central Queensland (CQ), the pair was “initially drawn to the unique visual characteristics of the area: cane fields, minescapes, impeccable suburban lawns, and the vastness of the land.” However, they soon noticed CQ to be in a state of transition. A work in progress, this project delves into the realities of this transition, drawing a record of contemporary life in Central Queensland.
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I like more the second shot, it shows me the quiet of the city itself :) Even though the first shot bring me the darkness and the quietness:)