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This one isn't so much poetry as it is an original quote from me. Hope you like it. "People often say that the highest point of an emotional roller coaster feels amazing that they often forget the fall back into reality they are about to endure." ~M Sorry it's been a while since I've posted poetry everyone. @nicolejb
True. You're talking to a Bachelor watcher haha @nicolejb
ohhh i like this. reminds me of the Bachelor (and hear me out). haha I watched that show for one season and it feels like a fairy tale right? they are on vacation, no responsibilities, etc. then once the show ends and they go back to the real world, none of the couples really make it. it's the harsh reality of life.
Yea for sure. @nicolejb
HAhahaha @momattheword all my friends watch it and I think it's super entertaining, but not like for a sustainable relationship I think? haha